Attention economy

Why do you check your phone 150 times a day?

Tristan Harris

-“So why should someone that is in the business of getting someones attention. Why should someones who runs a business that is all about getting attention. Why should they switch to being in the business of helping people? Well for one it’s gonna be hard to do that until consumers actually demand that that is what they want. We all need to recognize as citizens of humanity, being human, that this world that is constantly fighting to grab our attention doesn’t serve any of us. It is polluting our inner and our social lives and once we recognize that we don’t want that us consumers that will enable businesses to follow consumer demand and say we want to provide something that our goals are entirely in alignment with your goals. We measure our success with our net positive benefits that we delivered in peoples life’s and we charge more like a subscription model or a payment model rather than advertising when we have infinite appetite in stealing your attention as much as possible. So you know when we check our phones 150 times a day which is the average. Are those 150 conscious moments when we are sitting here and thinking that we chose now I am going to check my phone or does it just happen to us? And I think one thing that we don’t talk about in attention economy that is different from vs a more normal product gods economy is that in the regular economy people make a conscious choice theoretically about the product they chose to buy or the places I chose to go to. “